Michael Combs
The Lord has allowed me to write and record songs that some call “classics” today.  Many are sung in local Churches on any given Sunday.  Lots of folks tell me they hear my songs sung at numerous Gospel Music Talent Contests.  (What an honor!) 

Ken Turner

Ken Turner is a southern gospel singer and songwriter. He has been a member of the Palmetto State Quartet, the Dixie Echoes, the Blackwood Brothers, and the James Blackwood Quartet, in addition to solo recordings.

There is no other bass singer in Southern Gospel that can match his tone and his low notes…and certainly none that can mesh that kind of talent with a unique sense of humor, which makes him truly a ONE OF A KIND. Ken has been singing professionally for over 60 years.

 Shannon Bunch

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His music abilities, compositions, humor and delivery are mountain flavored, progressively spice and laced with modern and contemporary worship.

Trevor Thomas

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Known as “Mr. Drama” he creates characters that people can laugh at, cry with, and learn from.

Trevor and his wife Sawyer combine comedy, music, Broadway, Shakespeare with evangelism.  Their talents combine music, monologues, poems, sketches, and mime.  

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is always the theme!
Abide Ministries
Abide Ministries is at its heart an evangelist group of musicians.  They seek to share the word of God and the message of Christ through song.  Talented and willing to travel.  For more information please contact: jbunch423@gmail.com
Click on the picture to visit their facebook fan page.  Our own Rev Chris May is the pianist with the group.